School to School Support

One of the most effective ways of achieving school improvement is by working with other schools and there are many opportunities for school leaders and governors to work with and receive support from their peers.

The Teaching School Alliance Specialist Leaders of Education are able to provide exceptional support to schools in need in their chosen area. The School-to-School Support and Training booklet (available to download below) indicates the provision available from September 2016.

The offer is cross-phase and school support will be provided by NLEs and by a number of SLEs and other experienced staff who are part of our Teaching School Alliance.  For most of the activities a pre-deployment meeting or telephone conversation will be needed to identify the exact nature of what is required, along with the time-frame and expected outcomes.  The cost of the work may be covered by individual schools or from LA or other sources.  All the work would be quality assured and each of the staff deployed has a full understanding of the confidentiality requirements.  The costs to be agreed at the start of the deployment.

The SLEs and other staff involved in the Alliance are from a variety of primary and secondary schools, their pen-portraits can be found at:

Please note:  Availability of SLEs who will be working for the Weatherhead Alliance is at the discretion of the Headteachers of the schools they are employed in.  We will be discussing requests with Headteachers, but it must be recognised that there will be limited capacity to meet all demands.

Whole School Area Review

E.g. review of T&L. Two members of staff over three days. Approximately £2,000.

Specialist Review

E.g. Assessment Data Tracking. Two members of staff over two days. Approximately £1,600.

Data & Target Setting

One member of staff over one-and-a-half days. Approximately £1,200.

Approximate costs include pre-visit, in-school review, written report and delivery of report.

Departmental Review

E.g. Geography NLE & SLE. Two members of staff over one-and-a-half days. Approximately £2,000.


Review and assistance with development. One day. Approximately £500.

Other Areas

Behaviour for Learning, Computing and Coding, Subject Specialist Support.

Primary Specialist Support

E.g. Pupil Premium, Early Years Data Plans, KS2 English/Maths reviewed. Cost by agreement.

Sixth Form Revision Review

Two members of staff over two days. Approximately £1,600.

Governor Development

A range of issues covered. Costs by agreement.

School to school support

Explore the many opportunities for school leaders and governors to work with and receive support from their peers.