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Bidston Avenue Primary School, a strategic partner in the Weatherhead Teaching School Alliance, are Wirral’s leading school provider of information relating to best practice in the classroom. They pioneered TeachMeet Wirral, and have collaborated with several organisations (including the SSAT) to provide workshops of best practice. This track record will be applied to the leadership of the Research and Development aspect of our Teaching School Alliance.


Bidston Avenue Primary School are very successful at delivering TeachMeet events and Wirral’s first ever TeachMeet took place in June 2013.  Almost one hundred teachers, teaching assistants, advisers, governors and other colleagues, from across the North West, came to share best practice and ideas with one another.

As a result of TeachMeet Wirral, Bidston Avenue Primary School created a Twitter account and website as a place to share details of CPD events taking place across Wirral and the north west.