Future Leaders' One Day Conference

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Andrew Newton

Future Leaders’ One Day Conference

June 2016


Designed to develop an understanding of the crucial importance of leadership in education. Delivered by Andrew Newton (former Deputy Headteacher and current leadership consultant) in tandem with leaders from the Weatherhead Teaching School Alliance, the programme provided colleagues in their first 3 years of teaching with a leadership toolkit to use now and in the future, and encouraged them to seek out opportunity to take the lead on a project.


Self awareness– what makes me tick? What’s the impact of my approach on others?


Leading or managing– what is the difference? How do you know which is appropriate? What do effective leaders do? What different styles do they bring to the team? What are your preferred styles?


How to deal with challenging people by considering a range of scenarios


Time management– how do you manage your time? How might you be more effective at time management? Self-management– what stressors do you experience ? How do you/ might you deal with them?


Career planning & next steps